Wicked Magic

Wicked Magic

Every Wicked Born must accept whatever fate the Sorting Ceremony grants them...

Being the Daughter of a Light High Priestess means Lydia Laveau has one fate: the life of a light witch. But when her ceremony choses her for the Dark Faction—something deemed impossible—her world crashes down around her.

Soon, Lydia finds herself wrapped up in a clandestine whirlwind of blackmail, illegal magic, and betrayal. She has one goal: keep her head down, get through her five year pledge at the school for dark witches, and return to the human world she calls home.

But when she meets Anson Abernathy, a drop dead gorgeous third year Wicked Born accused of murder, she finds herself drawn to him...and all the danger that comes with their attraction.

Can Lydia survive her five-year pledge without unraveling centuries of tradition? Or will her own secrets unlock answers that threaten her very existence?

About the Book

Fans of DIVERGENT, HARRY POTTER, and A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES will devour this edgy paranormal academy series with a slow burn romance!

Series: A Touch Of Darkness, Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tag: Recommended Books
ASIN: B08175FH9L
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