Come, the Dark

Come, the Dark

Forced to choose between two forbidden loves.

Rose desperately wants to escape her abusive father and the dark spirits who haunt her, but before she can get away, her daughter is kidnapped, and the spirits force her three hundred years into the past.

Now trapped in the midst of the Salem witch trials, Rose is left with only one way out: facing certain death to banish the dark spirits that plague the town before they destroy civilization and trap her in this alternate life.

Even if she completes the task in time to return to Georgia and save her daughter, there's still one problem: she's falling in love with a man who can't return with her.

About the Book

Fans of The Crucible who like dark paranormal fantasy, peculiar supernatural creatures, and unusual, troubled characters will love the next installment in Rebecca Hamilton’s bestselling series.


In Come, the Dark, a mother’s love drives her beyond reason to do anything to get back to her daughter who was taken from her at birth. It was inspired by the birth of my third child, who was born prematurely and spent six weeks away from me in a Level II NICU that was unable to accommodate more than (mostly) daily visits. Of course, no Forever Girl story would be complete without some magic and romance, so there’s definitely that paranormal fantasy twist you came to love in The Forever Girl. Wondering where Sophia is? Fear not. She’ll be back in Book 4!

Series: Forever Girl Series, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tag: Recommended Books
Once again, Rebecca Hamilton has invited us into her vast world to play with her wonderful supernatural creatures. This time we get to learn more about the Ankou. Hamilton has taken the old myths and breathed new life into them.
– USA Today bestselling author Noree Cosper
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